My friends are the best

So me and my besties continually have a conversation going over text…sometimes i zone out and go back to my phone only to find unread 200 messages… but sometimes they are hilarious. I saved this one from a few months ago…just found it so thought i’d share 🙂

GP: Well I forgot my laptop charger so I’m home again lol

Me: Good work GP

KL: Aw kids right old mess ain’t ya

GP: Yep I might crash and burn or flip out cry and kill someone. Mess angry. Rach is poorly poorly. What’s up with you and Theaks? There’s gotta be something?! Lol

Me: erm…lost my pedometer…?

KL: Pretty sure my right foot bone is growing. I need to find my foot chart

GP: thats serious ken

KL: Nah. It sonetimes stops me from falling over. When I walk like a stupid which is often

GP: Lol

Me: see Gail it could be worse, you could have a serious foot issue or have lost your pedometer

KL:I think I’ve got two new belly moles too…If that helps. But my mole chart was on the back of my foot chart! I like to keep track of them in case a new one pops up that looks like cancer. I assume I’ll know when I see it

Me: do u have a boob chart? you know to track mysterious lumpy bits

KL:…I do not…Spose that would be sensible

Me: i swear my boobs are all mysterious lumpy bits, mum tells me its a family sitch. OOOOH GAIL i DOOO HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM!!! i have to sing ‘let it go’ to a park full of people in july! i will most liekly poo on stage

Me: that will be a MAJOR PROBLEM

KL: Can I come see you poo?

KL: Wait, that sounded wrong

Me: if you want….i spose

KL: Just to be clear I will avert my eyes if pooping occurs…Then create a diversion so you can flee

Me: That’s what friends are foooor *burst into song*

GP: Lol Ken u need to make a chart for that! I never check my boobs. Or my moles. And I do have a million of them. Literally

Me: i’m going to send you all my BOOB HQ updates from now on

KL: I had a mole that appeared one day then changed colour then went then came back. I got worried hence the chart. I told mum all worried she asked me if I fell asleep on chocolate. That was one time!


GP: Lmao. But when a new one comes they come gradually don’t they so I guess that’s what they do

KL: That one appeared all solid and dark one day… He’s gone now… It wasn’t chocolate I checked


KL: Imagine if moles were because of tiny skin moles that lived in the blood and pop up and make molehills on you

Me: maybe they are

CM: Lmao guys

Me: have you ever had this thing where you drink coke and its too cold so it makes your throat feel like you’ve just swallowed a load of fluff?

CM: Um I sneeze when I eat mint if that helps?

KL: I can’t say that I have

KL: Lol are you allergic to mint

Me: i feel like there is fluff stuck in my throat

Me: i think i’m dying

CM: It just catches me by surprise

CM: Also u lot seem bridesmaids right? U know the song at the end that they sing?

Me: erm dunno if i have

KL: Warm the coke up? Microwave!

KL: I forget what song is at the end

CM: I thought this was appropriate for us all today as we are all

Fucked in some way shape or form at the minute

RA: Ha! This conversation is cheering me up no end!


Chat conversation end