This is me…

Don’t you just hate it when people ask you to tell them about yourself… you would think being you and everything, you should know yourself pretty well…but then someone asks and its like trying to describe a stranger….


I like people who smile at you for no reason
I like walking on grass with no shoes on (well…I like walking on anything with no shoes on)
I love my family and my besties squillions
I love my sofa
I love naps
I love wine and cocktails and food
I LOVE my puppy Geoffrey
I like spreadsheets and databases and statistics and numbers (yes really)
I like doodles and patterns and bright colours
I like to paint my nails
I like to do stuff just so people ask me why i did it
I like people who say what they think
I like to be different but I hate being the centre of attention
I love variety and I embrace weird

I hate strangers who tell me to cheer up
I hate tea and the fact that people think a cup of tea will solve everything
I dislike the humour of the average bus driver
I hate networking and am very bad at it (you can usually find me hiding in the toilets or having a secret nap somewhere)
I am scared of driving when I don’t know where I am going (tho i make myself do it anyway)
I am am really bad with strangers and strange places
I hate it when I ask people why and they say ‘cos its always been like this’
I wish there was more colour and personality in Business
I think ‘Well Done’ is better than ‘Well Said’
I am living proof that ‘the more you do something the easier it is’, is a lie in a lot of cases
I think faster than my brain can formulate words…consequently I talk a lot of rubbish

Yeh…so that’s me. Don’t expect this blog to be all insightful and thought provoking..or even funny….actually it’s probably best if you don’t expect anything. I just write what pops into my head cos i like writing stuff.

All views are my own

“everything seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela


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