Cornwall, Beaches, Sheep and Compost Toilets (yes they actually are a thing)

When I decided to book a week in Cornwall back in March…i realised pretty quickly that going to Cornwall isn’t the cheap holiday option…a caravan for a week cost £600!! a caravan…seriously! So we ended up booking a Yurt through Air BnB (which is a fab site btw – you should try it!). I’d seen yurts on tv and had an image in my head of some kinda Caribbean cosy retreat ( Yes i realise how ridiculous that sounds)…safe to say it wasn’t the Caribbean (more mongolian actually) but it was really lovely and there was a real bed 🙂 The same cannot be said for the toilet and shower situation….compost toilets…seems so hippie and cool and back to nature….i can assure you it doesn’t feel cool at 4am when you are fumbling around in the dark trying to wee in a hole and cover it with sawdust. I learnt the art of fast weeing…mainly cos i was holding my breath and terrified something would emerge from said hole and get me! It was kinda like those toilets that you get in castles…you know like a bench with holes in it that you sit on. The best bit was the disco lights (the only form of light) they had strung up around the shed…which flickered so madly that if you didn’t die from being attacked by a toilet monster you’d probably end up epileptic.  The shower was much better – in that it was clean and warm and looked like it had experienced some modern technology…the problem was the shower was in the campsite owners house… and you had to knock on the door and ask to use it. This was fine (the campsite owners were lovely and very accommodating)…until I left my bra in the shower and had to do the walk of shame to collect it the next day…i didn’t have many showers.

Anyway we had a fab week in Cornwall in the end, weather was good (for england) and Geoffrey loved his first beach experience.

Stuff that happened:

  • Geoffrey discovered sand and preceded to run round and round in circles like he was on drugs, until we ended up tangled in a big mess of dog leads and legs
  • We realised we are not cut out for starting fires….and had to burn an entire toilet role and most of the leaflets in a tourist information centre in order to start our (small) log burner.
  • Log burners are ridiculously hot and it was like sleeping next to the sun
  • Geoffrey and I had a hilarious encounter with a little boy (probs about 6) which went like this:
    • Boy: Can i stroke your dog?
    • Me: Yes course you can
    • Boy: does he like water? can i give him some water? *pulls over water bowl and tries to stuff dogs face into it*
    • Me: Ermm
    • Boy: He’s not drinking it…does he like it? Do dogs prefer dirty water?
    • Me: *laughs* actually i think Geoffrey does (he always drinks puddles)
    • Boy: *pulls up weed, shoves it, soil and all into the water bowl and swishes it round*
    • Boy: *looks sheepishly at bowl and is dragged away by mum*
    • Me: Oops…
  • Geoffrey chased a sheep. I was overwhelmingly disappointed in him and refused to acknowledge his existence for nearly a whole day.
  • 11822625_10155896302185655_7727178567795658077_n
  • We ate a lot of food

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