All cultured out….

So I had a weekend of ‘culture’ in London this weekend… i’ve decided (well i think i already knew, but i’ve confirmed) that i am really not great at museums. I would say my attention span has probably remained the same since the age of 2 and therefore whilst i am interested in stuff, i soon lose the will.

One time (off topic but it illustrates my point), i went to visit a friend who i used to live with at Uni…his girlfriend decided we would have a tour of London’s art gallerias including the Tate and the national portrait gallery. I’ve never understood paintings…i mean they are either so abstract that they don’t mean anything…or they are so realistic you may as well have taken a photo. Don’t get me wrong this attitude is entirely because I can’t paint and i don’t understand art so i’m jealous, but even so i’m not much into looking at paintings. Anyway…we spent an obscene amount of time looking at portraits and i was trying so hard to at least try and look amused but to no avail. The final straw was when i was standing looking at a picture of William Shakespeare and this girl came up to me and said ‘That’s Shakespeare you know, he’s a famous playwright’. A) It clearly said William Shakespeare under the painting and B) I know who bloody Shakespeare is!! Clearly i look even more stupid than i thought! After that i realised it was futile even trying to look interested,  i thought i may as well live up to the girls expectations…i bought myself a cosmo magazine and sat in the corner of the gallery and read it.

Anyway back to this weekend…we went on a tour of the Houses of Parliament. it was nothing like i expected…i’m not sure what i was expecting really but i kinda thought it’d all be more modern. I know this is ridiculous given the building but all you see on TV is the PM question time stuff.

Stuff i learnt about HoP:

  • The PM Question time room is teeny tiny compared to how big they make it look on the TV
  • The public can view PM Qs and there is a dedicated gallery for them
  • They had to put a glass screen in front of said gallery cos Tony Blair got a face full of flour one time
  • The Queen has a giant room especially for her to get dressed in that she only uses once a year (What a waste)
  • It is freakishly old and traditional and they do weird stuff like voting by running into little rooms when a siren goes off

After HoP the others wanted to go to Churchill’s War Rooms…i decided two museums was too much for one day so went off on my own to find coffee and read my book (yep…living on the edge). London on a Saturday is a bad time to try and find a nice quiet coffee shop. In my desperation to escape the crowds, i found myself in a cocktail bar on a boat. Obviously all ideas about coffee went out the window at that point…. It was lovely…admittedly I looked a bit like a loser by myself…even more so when the barman asked me who i was meeting and i was like….ermmmm.

The next day it rained. A lot. We went to Bletchley park…which is mostly outside. Highlights included:

  • Realising that flip flops are inappropriate footwear for walking around outside in the rain
  • Nearly falling over on several occasions due to above footwear
  • Having my first afternoon tea…with 3 boys
  • Realising that i don’t much care for afternoon tea… sandwiches without crusts just don’t do it for me, and whoever thought cucumber and bread were a good combination is a nutter
  • Seeing all the cool stuff from the Imitation Game film
  • Practising my coding skills
  • Finding a Costa when i thought all hope was lost

So there we have it, my cultural weekend in London. I think i have done my bit for the year.


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